Them: The Story Behind Marvin Gaye's What's Going On

In memory of Marvin Gaye who died on April 1, 1984—and whose 75th birthday would be April 2—here's the story behind the enduring classic 'What's Going On.'

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Marvin Gaye - Wikipedia Marvin Pentz Gaye (born Gay Jr.; April 2, 1939 – April 1, 1984) was an American singer, songwriter and record producer. Gaye helped to shape the sound of Motown in.

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Marvin Gaye - I Want You Lyrics | MetroLyrics Lyrics to 'I Want You' by Marvin Gaye: It's too bad, it's just too sad You don't want me now But I'm gonna change your mind Someway, somehow, oh baby

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The Reverend Marvin Dozier Remembered For Work In. By Elsie Boskamp. On most mornings for nearly the past six decades, the Reverend Marvin Dozier, a Southampton resident and the pastor at Unity Baptist Church in.

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Marvin Makes Music: Marvin Hamlisch, Jim Madsen. Marvin Makes Music [Marvin Hamlisch, Jim Madsen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A true story from one of America's most beloved composers Marvin.

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Lee Marvin: Point Blank: Dwayne Epstein, Christopher. Lee Marvin: Point Blank [Dwayne Epstein, Christopher Marvin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The first.

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Bengals top pick John Ross: Marvin Lewis was not the villain There is no redshirt in the NFL, but 2017 was basically a redshirt season for Bengals Top 10 pick and speedy wide receiver John Ross.

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Col. Daniel Marvin -- Asked to Kill an Assassination Witness? Col. Daniel Marvin says he was asked by the CIA to kill a Kennedy assassination autopsy witness named William Pitzer. Does his story hold up?